Care and warranty

Recommendations for care and warranty on products with polymer clay decor

  • The decor glued on a two-component epoxy adhesive. Withstands temperatures up to 150 °C. You can pour hot drinks.
  • Wash gently with a soft sponge with a usual dishwashing detergent
  • Do not soak the mug
  • Do not heat the mug in the microwave oven
  • Do not wash the mug in the dishwasher
  • If the decor is heavily soiled, it can be carefully cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste.


Warranty: 1 year. If you have been careful about the product, but something happened with the decor (for example, the decoration was removed from a cup or spoon), then within 1 year, please contact us. We will inform you about the possibility of correction or we will correct it as we need and as far as possible.

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