Gift Card

We all want to please or to congratulate our friends and family with important and joyful events, but are often faced with the dilemma of what gift to choose. Online store «DekoPasaule» gift card is a great way to surprise your loved ones, relatives, colleagues, employees and partners. Give them an online store «DekoPasaule» gift card and let them choose their gift of our range of products for a hobby. After all, hobbies or crafts has almost everyone, and those who do not, most likely would like to try something. Using an online store «DekoPasaule» gift card and all sorts of manuals and master classes posted on our website, everyone can find something he likes and pick the right materials for this purpose.

By purchasing an online store «DekoPasaule» gift card, you receive a document with a unique code, which can be used to purchase products in our online store. After a gift card purchase, you can send it to the recipient as a gift by e-mail or print it out yourself and then give as a present. You can come to us and pick up a gift card on your own. Also you can order delivery of a gift card to your home. In these two last cases, the gift card will be printed and beautifully decorated. In turn, the delivery service is a service that must be paid according to the online store price list.

Terms of Use

  • To buy a Gift Card is possible in our online store «DekoPasaule» (
  • Gift Card can be used for purchases in our online store «DekoPasaule» ( Gift card can also be used to pay for delivery.
  • Gift Card must be used for one purchase. If the sum of purchase is less than the amount of the gift card, then the remaining balance can not be used anymore.
  • Gift Card can`t be exchanged for money.
  • Number and a gift card code are generated automatically and ensure the identity of the gift card. Duty of a gift card bearer and buyer is to keep the gift card code secure.
  • In case of loss or leakage of information about the code, the gift card can`t be renewed, and online store «DekoPasaule» is not responsible for loss of buyer.
  • After selecting items for purchase in the online store «DekoPasaule», the owner of the gift card enter the gift card number and code, written on the gift card, in a comments window, and makes a purchase.
  • If the purchase amount exceeds the amount of the gift card, it can be used with other payment methods provided by an online store «DekoPasaule».
  • In the online store «DekoPasaule» you can buy a gift card for any amount, ranging from 10 euros.
  • Gift Card expires in 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • After the expiration date of the gift card it can`t be used anymore.
  • Enterprise “Dekopasaule” Ltd. has the right to unilaterally change the terms of use of gift cards. New terms of use and purchase of gift cards are posted on the company's website