Self-hardening polymer clay workshop

By popular demand, we decided to organize a regular workshop to introduce you to various self-hardening polymer clays (different cold porcelain, self-hardening Hearty marshmallow clay, doll self-hardening masses).

The duration of the master class will be 3 hours with a tea break.

The participation fee is 40 eiros. All materials and a tea break are included in the price of the workshop.

The retail price of clay, which will be presented at the workshop, is about 200 euros.

Each participant will leave the workshop with his own created examples.

Dates of the workshop:

  • 29.10.2020, Thursday, 11:00 - 14:00
  • In the future, this workshop will be held once a month.

Gradually we will increase the range of self-hardening polymer clays. People who have already attended this workshop will be able to try out new items at no extra cost.

To sign up for a workshop email to or send an SMS with your data to the phone +371 27881581.

At the workshop, you can see and touch already dried samples, try each clay and create your own samples that you can take home. We will discuss the basic properties of each clay, the possibility of mixing them together, with different colors and many other features.


At the master class, everyone will be able to try the following types of clay:

Cold porcelain:

Marshmallow Clay:

Self-hardening clay for creating dolls and other products:

The address of our store-studio is Brīvības gatve 403, 2nd floor, Riga. In front of the building there is a large, free parking for cars.
We can be reached by tram 1 and 3 (bus stop Mārkalnes iela), 1, 14, 28 bus (bus stop Juglas iela), 1, 14, 40 bus from the center (bus stop Mārkalnes iela).

To sign up for a workshop email to or send an SMS with your data to the phone +371 27881581.